History of Farm

Readington River Farm was founded in 1995 when Scarlett and Gerald Doyle purchased the preserved farm at auction from Walter and Anna Dobozynski. From completely different paths, but cut from similar cloth, the two families brought the farm to what you can see today.

The Dobozynskis moved to Readington in 1927 and built a sustainable living in agriculture. Walter grew up on the farm and ran a dairy and chicken operation until 1994, when he and Anna decided to retire. They applied to enroll the land into the Farmland Preservation Program, in which the State Agricultural Development Council (SADC) owns the development rights to the land, but the ownership of the real estate itself remains in private hands.

Scarlett and Gerry moved to Bedminster in 1979, founding Gratitude Farm to raise quality meat for themselves and family while maintaining their careers in city planning and chemistry, respectively. As they approached their retirement, the Doyles felt it best to upgrade their avocation of farming to a piece of land to one that could sustain a bison herd. The Dobozynski piece came up for sale at the perfect time for them to bid on it. After a successful day at the auction, they began the process of preserving Gratitude and moving across the Lamington River into Hunterdon County.

After a year of setting up new fences worthy of wild beasts, and making a couple of livestock deals, Readington River Farm was in business. Before too long, the rigors of full time farming became more than a near-retirement couple could handle. Instead of giving up their lucrative professions in favor of working solely in agriculture, the Doyles recruited Erick Doyle, their handsome and remarkable son, who was wasting his life snowboarding in Colorado for the past 4 years. When Erick came on board in 1998, the Readington River Buffalo Company was born.

Since 1998, we have grown the herd to a robust size, enhanced the infrastructure, made environmental improvements, and developed the farm to be a landmark throughout the state as a great place to visit.

Erick Doyle, 2014

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